Integration Courses

What do prospects need to register?

In order to register, the prospects present their obligation certificate from the Jobcentre or the immigration authority that obliges or authorises them to participate in a course and exempts them from the course fees. In case the obligation certificate does not exist, the prospects must fill out an application for approval and an application for cost exemption.

What else should you know?

Placement Test

The placement test is supposed to determine the existing language and writing skills. You receive an appointment for a placement test from the responsible adviser of the course providers.

Cancellation and Change of Course Provider

Registration and cancellation take place in a personal meeting with the responsible professionals. Original documents can be reclaimed at cancellation.

Information for Lecturers

Prospects interested in a job as a lecturer can also send their application to the responsible advisers of the course providers. Further information about necessary requirements can be found on the website of BAMF (FAMR – Federal Agency of Migration and Refugees).

Contact Details for Courses in Bochum

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